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  2. F90 silicon nitride fibres or whiskers
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  4. silicon nitride whiskers growing
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Nuenz specialises in developing and scaling advanced materials.  We are the leading global supplier of silicon nitride fibre which we supply in various purity grades.
Silicon Nitride
Silicon nitride is classed as a technical ceramic with performance characteristics beyond most other materials.  By blending Nuenz’s high-value additives with your products, you can take advantage of these properties:
- High strength
- High modulus
- Low thermal expansion
- High thermal stability
- Low density
- Good thermal conductivity
The Nuenz Process
All Nuenz products are super-hard, single-crystal materials.  Nuenz materials are grown from the gas phase resulting in smooth crystalline morphology  These materials provide a superior composite performance over ground monolithic reinforcing due to the virtual elimination of crack inducing angular structures.

The Product
Fibres, whiskers, nanofibres, nanowires and sub-micron fibres all belong to the same family.  There is no IUPAC definition for these materials.  Nuenz's silicon nitride fibres are typically 50-300nm in diameter and can be up to 2mm in length.  We typically reduce the length to make them easier to handle but can provide them to specification.
  1. chart of materials organised cost vs modulus stiffness elastic
  2. chart of materials organised density vs strength UTS specific strength
  3. chart of materials organised max operating temperature vs strength UTS