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P80 Silicon Nitride Particulate

Phase: >75% β-Si3N4
Morphology: >80% crystalline particles
Size: d50 = 4.2μm, d90 = 10.7μm
Free C: <1%
SiO2: <2%
Fe: <1%
Surface Area: 2m2/g
P80 silicon nitride
SEM image of P80 Silicon Nitride Particles
The product is a low cost silicon nitride particulate that is comprised of as-grown, unground, monocrystalline particles.  The particles are primarily β-silicon nitride with some α-phase silicon nitride present.  The fine, unground, round particles are well-suited to composite applications as there are no defects or angular features from grinding.  There is a small volume (<20%) of high-aspect ratio particles present that will increase the performance in composite applications. The material has been mechanically deagglomerated by Nuenz before packaging.
Product handling
Fine silicon nitride particles should be handled in a controlled environment.  For a copy of the MSDS please see our MSDS Centre .

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