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F90 Silicon Nitride Fibres

Phase: >95% α-Si3N4
Morphology: >90% crystalline sub-micron fibres
Length: 12-32μm
Width: 0.3μm
Free C: <0.5%
SiO2: <1%
Fe: <0.1%
Bulk Density: 0.1g/cm3
F90 silicon nitride fibre
SEM image of F90 Silicon Nitride Fibres
The product is high-quality silicon nitride nanofibres with few impurities.  The nanofibres are single-crystal α-Si3N4 with a high aspect ratio.  The product is packaged as non-friable milligram-sized clusters.  The fibres within the clusters have been mechanically de-agglomerated prior to clustering and the hydrophilic nature of Nuenz’s silicon nitride fibre allows for simple re-dispersion using polar solvents (such as water, ethanol or acetone).
Silicon nitride fibres can also be known as nanofibres, whiskers, nanowires sub-micron fibers and fibrils.   
Product handling
Silicon nitride nanofibres must be handled in a controlled environment.  Materials of a similar fibrous nature have been found to cause pulmonary fibrosis and other disorders.  For a copy of the MSDS please see our MSDS Centre .

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