1. boron nitride coating
  2. F90 silicon nitride fibres or whiskers
  3. silicon nitride fibres growing
  4. silicon nitride whiskers growing
  5. silicon nitride fibres
  6. silicon nitride fibers



Nuenz makes advanced materials to standard or custom specifications.  We have expertise in developing new materials and new technologies for manufacturing materials at lower costs than previously available.  Our team of engineers, scientists and technical staff can reliably and repeatably produce results from the laboratory trials to full-scale production.  Rigorous quality control procedures and project management ensures that we deliver on specification, on time.
New Product Development

Nuenz knows how to develop products from concept to manufacturing.  Our R&D facilities are capable of developing new advanced materials, catalysts and nanomaterials.  We also have a mineral beneficiation laboratory grinding laboratory and extensive furnacing capabilities including many custom furnaces for the customisation of existing materials and development of new materials.


Nuenz staff have industry experience in both developing new advanced materials and in beneficiation for the development of new products from mineral resources.  We have well-stocked facilities to carry out much of this work in-house.  Nuenz works with Universities, Crown Research Institutues and other Hi Tech Businesses.